Synonymous with exceptional security, specially designed and developed for Public Order Services

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    High performance anti-riot helmet, it has been specifically designed to protect the user against blunt objects and the launch of chemical or flammable materials.

    Composed by two shells, our ARH-01 ensures the highest multi-directional protection of the head of the user and provides a greater protection of the skull, the neck, the forehead.

    The flexible flame-retardant neck protector protects the back of the head down to the base of the user’s neck, while still allowing adequate ventilation and easy movement.

    The visor is made all in one piece from a sheet of transparent optical polycarbonate, 3 mm thick, with a scratch-resistant coating on the outside and anti-fog on the inside. Its thickness gives perfect vision without any image distortion viewed from various angles. The visor has a tear-off system, consisting of two thermoplastic buttons located on the visor in a position that does not interfere with the user’s field of vision; with two protective transparent films. If the visor is smeared, the user can tear off one of the films so as to be able to see perfectly.


    Available sizes:

    • S (from size 52 to 56)
    • M (from size 57 to 58)
    • L  (from size 59 to 61)
    • XL (from size 62 to 64)

    Helmet: 1.500 gr ± 10 gr
    Helmet with visor: 1.890 gr ± 10 gr

    Outer shell: made of thermoplastic material

    Inner shell: made of composite material

    Chinstrap with quick release buckle

    Interior comfort, made of breathable Drylex™, removable and washable

    Front frieze

    Shockproof rear insert

    Available colors

    Main applications

    Customizations ARH-01