Technical, Alpine and River rescue


Technical, alpine and river rescue indicates all the operations carried out to bring help to the victims of accidents or illnesses in inaccessible places, where normal rescue cannot arrive, and is part of the search and rescue activities (SAR) conducted by personnel trained for this purpose who can use specific naval, air or ground vehicles in hostile environments.
The purposes of search and rescue activities (SAR) are:
  • recovery and rescue of accident victims in mountain areas and / or in inaccessible areas of the national territory;
  • prevention and supervision of accidents in the exercise of related activities in these areas;
  • assistance in case of natural disasters.

In difficult places the human organism is exposed to a series of risks different from those present in the urban environment. In many cases these risks result in accidents that put the victim in the impossibility of getting to safety without the aid of specialized vehicles and rescuers. These cases constitute the area of intervention for technical, alpine and river rescue.

Rescuers have a specific equipment and use semi-static and dynamic textile ropes, blockers, descenders, pulleys, neoprene suits, vests and helmets. Sicor has created a product specifically certified according to the standards EN 16473, EN 12492 and EN 1385 to ensure greater safety of rescuers and people rescued.

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The right balance of protection



Stability and dimensions


Lightness and ventilation


Resistance to mechanical stress*


Availability of accessories
* Shocks - perforations - crushing

The best personal protective equipment

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    Practical and full of optional accessories, the best device for wildand fire fighting and technical rescue