The industrial sector is a productive sector that includes relatively heterogeneous sectors, each one with its own specialization, and constantly changing to adapt to market demand and new production technologies.

Regardless of the sector, within the industrial sector you can identify specific risk factors, related to transversal activities, which reflect a specific task or that refer to several tasks.

The main risk factors are given by mechanical, physical, and in some cases chemical / biological exposure. The use of industrial machinery constantly exposes the operators to the risk of injuries, bruises or abrasions, due to improper use, malfunctions because of wear or poor maintenance. The processes in the industrial sector also expose workers to very noisy environments, as well as to mechanical stress from vibrations, to highly irritating and abrasive powders or to hazardous chemical reagents.

Sicor considers all these possible exposures and identifies the best product, the most suitable to meet the needs of the personnel assigned to the work.

EDL Sketch
Sicor formula

The right balance of protection



Resistance to flame


Lightness and comfort


Resistance to mechanical stress*


Resistance to electricity
* Shocks - perforations - crushing

The best personal protective equipment

  • EDL-01


    The perfect individual protection device for those operating in electrical, mining or industrial sectors