Through thirty years of experience as manufacturers and suppliers of many prestigious Fire Brigades and thanks to the suggestions received from those who use our products every day, we have developed and implemented the new fire fighting helmet certified according to the European Standard EN 443:2008.

The helmet has a modern design, is sturdy and extremely comfortable, and protects the user from all potentially hazardous situations that may occur during the course of fire fighting and emergency response activity.

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For the connection of the most common communication systems.


The standard configuration includes a reflective face shield combined with the transparent eye screen. Alternative configurations are possible. All the shields are certified EN 14458 optical class


It is available with same color of the shell or with black, gold and metallic finish. It’s possible to realize customization upon request.


Made of tecnopolymers and composite material extremely resistant to high temperature and mechanical stresses.


The inner shell helps to absorb shocks and perforations and is made of polyurethane foam molded with a honeycomb structure reinforced KevlarTM


Located on both sides, allow the handling of the screen without touch the eye and bring the hands to the face. The shape and size make it easy handling even with gloves.


They allow the attachment of gas masks equipped with two points quick coupling. The adjustment in three positions provides an excellent seal face / mask with all the morphologies of the face.


Located on both sides, allow the attachment and the adjustment of lamps.

360° protection

Its ergonomic design and multiple adjustment points obtain an optimal balance by distributing the weight evenly on the head without straining the neck and shoulder muscles.

Inside, the mesh suspension system distributes the weight evenly on the head eliminating the pressure points that can cause user discomfort after prolonged use while also ensuring good ventilation and an optimal microclimate.

Four-point (Cross-ratchet) size adjustment system utilizes an adjustment wheel which is easily accessible and maneuverable. It allows the helmet to fit in a simple and secure way to every head morphology.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The VFR EVO helmet can be customized to meet specific needs, becoming an element of personal recognition. It can be configured with front plates displaying a coat of arms and reflective stripes in different colors with the option of identification of the rank by specially shaped stripes (Rank marking).

Located on both sides of the shell, the helmet has a universal connection for two point gas masks, which are individually adjustable, making it compatible with all the masks on the market and creates an efficient and safe Mask/Helmet combination.


A wide range of optional accessories complete the VFR EVO helmet. All the most used fire fighter flashlignts can be mounted on the helmet by means of special adapters on both sides of the shell and tilted up to 37° in order to completely illuminate the work area.

Inside the helmet it is possible to insert communication systems compatible with the main radio equipment on the market ensuring a reliable transmission even in very loud environments.

Multiple neck protection variants allow free mobility. The coverage in specially designed and shaped in Nomex protects your helmet in every training situation, prolonging is life cycle.

Sacks and crarying bags allow better storage and transport.


The face shields and eye screen, certified according to EN 14458 and EN 166 Standards, are of the highest optical quality (optical class 1). Resistant to high temperatures, they safely protect the eyes and face from high heat, electricity, particles and liquid chemicals. The two external levers allow for easy handling of the screen while wearing gloves, avoiding contact with the shield, face and eyes of the user.

A perfect integration

The reflective stripes increase the visibility in adverse conditions, provide personal identification and coordination with the intervention suit.


Thanks to the reduction and optimization of the assembled components, maintenance of the VFR EVO helmet is easy and done in a simple and practical way .It’s possible to completely disassemble and reassemble the helmet with few procedures. Each component is easily replaceable with standard tools included in the packaging. All components can be washed and disinfected with common cleansers, either manually or by mechanical or industrial washing.

Our internal laboratory, equipped with the most modern machinery utilizing the best technology, is able to perform all the necessary tests to ensure that each VFR-EVO helmet produced meets the high quality standard required and meets all European standards.

Maintenance Kits are available for:

- Cleaning and disinfection of the helmet -
- Repair of any scratches on the shell -
- clean the visors -
- the reapplication of the anti-fog treatment -

Maintenance manuals and detailed lists of spare parts are available upon request

Colors and Special Finishes

A wide range of colors lets you customize the VFR-EVO helmet to fully meet the uniform and visibility requirements. In addition to the normal colors, they are available with photo luminescent paint (glowing in the dark) or fluorescent yellow and orange finishes (high visibility).

Download VFR-EVO Brochure

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