SICOR's detectors are constantly updated in order to meet not only the key requirements set forth in the regulations governing building construction for environments classified as explosive, but also key performance requirements for toxic gas and oxygen detectors.

SICOR engages in production of fixed gas detection systems. We also supply portable gas detection systems. On receipt of specific requests from our customer base, we develop specific analytic or multipoint sampling detection systems.

Our highly efficient staff takes on the maintenance, calibration and repair tasks required to maintain SICOR product efficiency over time.

SURECO, a division of SICOR S.p.A., has been operational in the field of toxic and explosive gas and oxygen detection for more than 35 years.

Given its impressive track record (supply of many more than 10,000 gas detection points), SICOR has acquired considerable standing within the Italian safety sector (targeting the industrial, health, and public and private building construction sectors).


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